CEO Message

Founder’s story


Soonyoung Shin, the CEO of Agerin, is a woman scholar who has been studying life science for more than 20 years. When she found out about outstanding effects of Ageratum (Meaning “Long-lived” in Greek, a plant that blooms all year long), that can hydrate and illuminate skin, she started to extract its precious ingredients with her own technology. Agerarin got its patent for vitalizing the skin's reproduction cycle, helping to hydrate itself and refine radically, but there was no one willing to develop the plant into cosmetics. Soonyoung Shin, who believed that an action must be taken, founded a venture company called “Agera Biotech” in 2016. Now at Agerin, profit is not the priority, but we are a company who wants to genuinely share the study and effective products widely with the customers.

Brand Concept

Intimacy with Nature

At Agerin, we believe in the power of nature. We provide you with environmentally-friendly and the Earth-friendly products that are formulated with the precious ingredients from our botanical studies.

Transforming from the inside out

At Agerin, we satisfy customers before they realize with innovative moves. We let them experience spiritual healing in means of bringing them a fundamental enhancement on skin, not just a temporary solution.

Authentic natural remedy seeker

At Agerin, we are dedicated to continuous study and exploration. With our accumulated research experience of more than 20 years, we produce trustful and effective products. Our research lab is always full of passion, today as well, in order to continuously take our study onto the next level.